We've got some of the best trainers in the world coming right to your living room. Check out our LIVE! Online Sessions

OSI Online Programs



A 4 week resiliency and play program designed by Coach John Odden to prepare you for whatever life throws your way.

This program is essentially a “desert island” plan that you can do just about anywhere in 15-20 minutes, 3 times a week with minimal equipment.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it's not and we will show you how with a little effort, creativity, and a playful attitude.
CrashProof Online Fitness Program
OSI Online LIVE Sessions

LIVE! Online Sessions

We've got some of the best trainers in the world coming right to your living room to provide you with a stellar coaching experience that includes accountability, community, and FUN.

These sessions are sure to be the highlight of your day as you learn new things, discover untapped potential, and complete each session feeling better than when you started.

We will meet you where you are at and be ready to answer your questions real-time. Select your session and we'll see you there!

Can't make the actual time but want to get that session in? Sign up and we'll send you the recording which will be available for 48-ish hours following the session.
Rock and Roll!

Clubs, Flow, Rock & Roll

A NEW 6 week OSI Online Course (available in May 2020) combining all of our favorite movements including Original Strength Resets, Kettlebells, Bodyweight Exercises and an intro to Indian Clubs.
Your Body Is Awesome Series

Design Your Body

This program is the second part of the 'Your Body Is Awesome' series and builds off of the structure or the Unlock Your Body course, which is designed heavily around Original Strength RESETS and is meant to strengthen the entire person from the ground up.
Your Body Is Awesome Series

Unlock Your Body

This 6 week program implements Original Strength “RESETS” to allow your body to move more freely. It’s time to remove the limitations and build strength and mobility for everyday living and improved performance.
Get in those push-ups!

Power Push-Up Protocol

It's time to power up those push-ups and get in some daily practice reps to help you build your best push-up yet. Your task is to complete the daily push-ups throughout each day and by the end of the month, you'll have done 1000 push-ups.
Becoming Bulletproof Series

Battling Ropes

Join us for the first of the Becoming Bulletproof Training Series on Battling Ropes. With inspiration from our friend, and legendary strongman, John Brookfield, we’re here to help you work towards 10 minutes of non-stop work on the battling ropes and even have special battling ropes from John Brookfield himself.
Becoming Bulletproof Series

Six Week Crawling Challenge

The Six Week Crawling Challenge is a six-week plan that is intended to help you achieve the Leopard crawl for 10 continuous minutes. In truth, this program is designed to help you restore your Original Strength, which is your reflexive strength.
Coming soon!

Fit 4 Duty

A program created specifically for those serving in our Armed Forces and First Responders. For more information please reach out to our team!
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