Odin's quest: The Journey to Ancient Strength






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Equipment Needed

This program calls for 2 large sandbags. You'll need one lighter one and one that is much heavier. Bags will range between 40 -200lbs depending on the individual and will be about 50lbs different from one another.
We recommend Project Kratus as a sandbag option and give you some other suggestions in the program.
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Long before strength training became an industry and a hobby for millions around the globe, strength was a way of life – the expression of which happened NOT within the 4 cozy walls of a gym or fitness studio, but in real life: in your day-to-day job, in providing for and protecting your family, and in surviving the harsh environment and conditions that mother nature and our fellow man often created for us.

Not only did these struggles help shape our civilization into the towering monument of human progress that it is today, but they also helped shape our bodies – namely by writing into our very DNA just how we are made to use them in order to build real-world, no-holds-barred strength, power, and resilience.

Our modern attempts to recapture the glory of our past via dumbbells, barbells, treadmills, and more all fall far short of the hearty and rugged methods that forged the most successful and triumphant organism on the face of the planet for one simple reason:

They don’t resemble real-world tasks!

They are absolutely excellent tools for general strength and fitness, but leave many gaps in your development that cannot be easily overcome.

That is, until now.

American Highland Games Champion and Original Strength Instructor John Odden has taken on the challenge of time-honored activities such as stone lifting – the most ancient and highly revered tradition of strength building throughout Europe and beyond.

Using inexpensive, easy-to-get sandbags, he has modified and modernized these age-old methods for the Original Strength enthusiast looking to grab the baton heroically handed to them by the OS resets so that they can soar to new and exciting heights of raw strength, unencumbered power, and youthful, athletic resilience.

An 8-week course in Odden’s masterful methods of stone lifting with sand bags will lead you by the hand, show you how to “move outside the lines”, and point you down the bold and well-worn path of the most coveted form of strength of all.

And best yet, he’ll show you how to whisk yourself away from frailness, brittleness, and physical stagnation so often wrought by traditional iron training.


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