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    The Awesome Body Package is on Sale!

    Get moving with this 20 week program full of Original Strength Resets

    Embark on a 20-week Strength and Mobility journey with our Awesome Body Series, meticulously crafted in three phases (Unlock, Design, and Build Your Body). Build a robust foundation, progress to targeted strength development, and finally master integrated strength and mobility. From fundamental movements to challenging work capacity style exercises, this program guarantees a resilient body ready for life's demands. Our team will be here along the way to help support you too!
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    Movement for EveryBody is on Sale Now!

    Reclaim Your Active Lifestyle and Learn to Move Like You Used to!

    In one month, you can experience reduced stiffness and pain using safe, efficient, and proven movement restoration techniques — and this self-guided online course will show you how.
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    Explore the Daily 21's

    Looking for more daily movement?

    Try this $21 simple movement template from Tim Anderson.
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    Online Kettlebell Coaching

    MED Kettlebell Chains Program

    Show up, put in 25-35 minutes worth of work, and almost like magic they find yourself with not just more strength, stamina, power, and more, but greater energy, improved leanness, and best of all, more than enough time to spend doing other things you love.
  • Original Strength Institute Online

    Try our Flagship Program:

    Unlock Your Body

    Now is a good time to stop feeling like you're too beat up, or too broken, or too stiff to live your best life. Follow our guided Original Strength RESET Program to remove the limitations and build strength and mobility for everyday living and improved living.

Renew your body.
Restore your strength.
Lessen aches & pains.

Fitness that's easy, simple, and adapts to YOU.

The Original Strength system delivered as online workouts so you can:

Reverse the effects of a sedentary life.​

Build strength without brutal workouts.​

Experience a new, dynamic approach to fitness.​

Add a hefty dose of FUN to your workouts.​

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A Brief Video of What We're About

Feeling Out-of-Shape? Stiff?
Achy? We Can Help.

If that describes how you’ve been feeling lately - that’s ok! Modern living has limited you (and everyone else) from moving as often as you should. You might work at a desk all day…or just struggle to find the time and energy to move enough. That’ll leave you feeling “blah,” stiff, and probably with some unwanted extra pounds.

Trouble is, when you search for a solution, many
gyms or online programs:

Push too hard with their “no pain, no gain” approach.

Don’t consider what your body is ready for (or not ready for.)

Demand too much of your time.

Our unique approach resolves all those problems and helps you achieve the body you want.

That means no more “beat downs” from your workouts.

No more eating up your limited free time.

We offer a unique way to…

Easily build a strong and pain-free body from home.

Our online workouts give you a no-stress path to becoming fit and feeling ALIVE. So what’s our secret?

Natural, shockingly simple movements.

We call these movements “resets” because they restore your body to its original state - where you have strong and fluid movement.

The resets allow you to feel a whole new quality of life.

You’ll build a body that has:

You’ll also be able to tackle any physical challenge (whether playing a favorite sport or chasing after your kids all day.)

Just as important, our programs adapt to YOU.

That’s true whether:

       A) you haven’t exercised for years and have nagging pains, OR

       B) you’re a strength or fitness enthusiast

If you want a taste of the incredible effects of Original Strength…

Test Our Approach with the FREE 10-Minutes to a ‘Feel Better’ Body Routine.

Put an end to feeling sluggish after a workday with only 10 minutes of daily movement (no equipment needed.)

An almost fool-proof way to revitalize your body and get out of pain.

Six instantly effective exercises you can do anywhere.

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What Others Have Said

“I was reasonably fit but I realized I wasn’t moving as well I should. I needed something to regain my mobility so I could still live a pretty active lifestyle. After doing OS, my shoulder mobility is better, I don’t need to see the physical therapist nearly as often, and I can keep up better with my kids.”

- Justin Schooth, Australia

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Remove your limitations and build strength & mobility for everyday living and improved performance.

Daily movement meditations, programs, online community and access to our huge video library!