Fatal Finishers

Mark · October 5, 2021


Who doesn’t like a challenge – a contest or duel? If you answered “I don’t” to that question, turn around now.

Fatal Finishers isn’t for the faint of heart and it’s more of a product versus a course or a program. Within this product you’ll find 18 different ‘finishers’ to add to the end of your own training program or even just do as your standalone workout when you want someone to tell you what to do and kick your butt (in a smart way).

You’ll find a variety of finishers that range between 10 minutes of time to 22+ minutes of time. Many finishers within this program utilize your own bodyweight and kettlebells/dumbbells.

DISCLAIMER: Most finishers within this program require a Ski or Row Erg. If you do not have one or easy access to one when you want, this is not the program for you. 


Start Finishing Stronger

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Posted 3 months ago
Strength for anything you could ever want to do

This program was fair but tough. I loved it and what it has done for my physical and mental abilities. It was very tough for me but it is scalable so anyone can do it and derive tremendous benefit from it. From doing the program I've developed mental toughness and physical prowess I though maybe had left me (I'm 50 years old), but I just completed the backward leopard continuous crawl 10 minutes.

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Tim Anderson
Posted 3 months ago

That’s so awesome, Ken!

Stephanie Buck
Posted 4 months ago
Get strong,mobile, functional!

All the stuff the human body needs but we don’t take the time to add into our fitness programming!

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Posted 4 months ago
Design Your Body Will Move You!

Gain a better understanding of movement; Gain confidence in your ability to move and Feel Good!

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