Walking Unicorns

Indian Clubs are great tools for shoulder, elbow, and wrist health. Really, they are fantastic for building a stronger and healthier nervous system. The circular patterns, the rhythm, and the coordination they promote are like candy for the brain. Indian Clubs can be a great way to keep the mind mentally agile while keeping the body fluid and mobile.

But, there is a learning curve to using Indian Clubs. When I started, my curve was steep. I actually hit myself square between the eyes with my clubs, almost knocked myself out. If you thought unicorns were myths, I can tell you that for three days, one was real. I had a knot (goose egg) in the middle of my forehead that would have made Tom and Jerry proud.

But, thatís how I learn – by hitting myself between the eyes.

Ok, that is kind of how I learn, but really I learn through experience by doing and experimenting.

And that is how I discovered one of the most ďfeel-good,Ē awesome movements anyone can do with Indian Clubs – Walking.

Wait, here me out. Walking with Indian Clubs is what youíre body has been missing. When you walk with Indian Clubs in your hands, the clubs lengthen the levers known as your arms, and this new length causes the shoulders to really swing back in extension. When you walk, your shoulders should also swing in extension – actually your shoulders should mirror what your hips are doing. Anyway, shoulder extension while walking with clubs feels amazing.

Not only do the clubs cause the shoulders to swing better and mirror the hips as they should, but this turns walking into an amazing strength training movement. Walking with clubs, teaching the shoulders how to mirror the hips, connects the X known as your body. It makes your torso powerful, it makes YOU powerful.And, if that werenít enough, it juices up your nervous system and keeps your brain super healthy. Best of all, itís hard to hit yourself between the eyes when youíre walking with your clubs.

Anyway, brisk club walking is a super simple strength and vitality movement. It will make you feel good all over, inside and out. Hereís how you do it:

  • Grab two one pound clubs.
  • Hold them at the ends.
  • Go for a brisk stroll – walk with intent and purpose, as if you are late for something important.
  • Let the length of the clubs guide your shoulders to freely swing ó> let your arms swing behind your body. This is shoulder extension and it is wonderful.
  • Breathe through your nose.
  • Smile and enjoy.
  • Ten to twenty minutes sprinkled here and there throughout the week can work wonders.
    • You may want to do it every day because you enjoy it…


  • In a pinch for time? MARCH with the clubs for 1 minute a once or twice a day for a huge ďPick me up.Ē

I know, itís super simple. So simple you may think itís ridiculous. But donít settle your opinion on this until youíve tried it. Let your body tell you if what Iím saying is true or not.

Again, Indian Clubs are fantastic tools that lend themselves to wonderful movements that invigorate the brain and the body. They can also provide a great stress reliever in your day because itís just fun to swing them around, unless they turn you into a unicorn… But if you have clubs, do yourself a favor and take them for a walk once in a while. It feels amazing. AND, it gives the neighborhood something to talk about.