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Can You Design Your Body?

What if you could design the body you wanted to have? Would you build it? If you could create a body that suited your desires – one that was strong, mobile, flexible, resilient, would you do it? If you could have a body that felt amazing, one that was filled with energy, joy, and a sense of wellbeing, would you want it?

I know the obvious answer might be, “Yes, yes I would have that. ..If I could.”

So do it. Because you can.

Your body is your both your “expression suit” and your “life experience vehicle.” And believe it or not you have a great deal of influence on it’s design. You get to determine how you get to express yourself, what qualities you want your body to have, AND you get to determine the experiences your body is able to have. This means if there are things you want to change about your body, which is perfect by the way, you can create those changes. It also means if you are not experiencing life the way you want to, if you are missing out on experiences due to physical limitations, you can remove those limitations.

You might know this, but do you really know it? You were meant to enjoy your body. It is one of the most amazing designs in all of creation. It is designed to feel good, to be strong, to be healthy, and to be durable. And, believe it or not, you’re meant to enjoy it, to be fond of it, to love it and even be proud of it. This makes sense right? Your body is literally the closest friend you will ever have. It’s such a good friend that it will follow your thoughts and intents about it and become what you imagine it to be.

Don’t miss that.

Your body is likely following what you imagine it to be, or likely expressing the thoughts you have about it. If you love it, it knows. If you loathe it, it knows. Sound crazy? Well, how does it feel? How does it feel to move when you’re happy. How does it generally feel to move when you’re angry, scared or stressed? How does it respond when you look in the mirror and smile? How does it respond when you look in the mirror and sigh in resignation? Don’t fool yourself, your body knows. And it wants to please you.

I know it sounds crazy, but your body is literally designed to become and do what you want it to become and do. You’re entire neurology is mailable use it and build it, neglect it and lose it system. It’s also a think it and have it system. This means if you want to have a strong, healthy, resilient body you need to use it and explore those qualities, and challenge them, to have them. It also means if you want to have an energetic, capable and aesthetic body you need to start seeing it as such. What you do and how you think greatly influences how your body is able to express itself, how it feels, what it is capable of doing (experiencing), and even how it looks.

You may already have the body you’ve been dreaming of, but you can have the body you want – if you’re experiencing a incongruent dream and desire.

You can absolutely enjoy the body you want to have by creating the relationship with it you were meant to have. If you need help getting started, consider the Design Your Body Program.

It’s the physical approach to moving your body in a way that challenges and builds the qualities it was designed for: strength, endurance, mobility, and durability. It also helps to elevate your thoughts about yourself and your body as you work through the program. You will literally go from thinking, “This is #$&! tuff,” to “I can do anything.” When you start thinking with confidence, many of your limitations will melt away (physical and mental) because your thoughts are now providing a positive story that your nervous system longs to hear: I can.

Your body is your best friend. Enjoy it by using it well and thinking fondly about it, and about yourself. Discover that you have the body you want.

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