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What is Pressing RESET?

Press Reset.

It’s a common phrase used in every video of our video library, and is what so much of our training programs are built around. It’s also phrase that you may not actually really understand or fully grasp why pressing reset is so important.

So here we go: What is Pressing RESET?

The truth is, we have a hard time explaining what it means to Press RESET.

We often say pressing reset on the body is like hitting the on/off switch on your cell phone when it gets all slowed down and not working right. And honestly, it really is as simple as that on the outside, but inside there is some awesome and somewhat complicated stuff happening.

There is no real magic, though it does seem to produce the miraculous. And there is no rebooting of the nervous system, though the nervous system does seem to get restored, or “reset”. We use analogies of technology, because many can relate to our simple, magical, fixes for our smart phones, computers, modems, Nintendos, or what-have-you. If our devices don’t work right, we reset them, reboot them, revive them, restart them, or even repair them, often with a simple push of a button.

But our bodies are not modern technology.

In all our inventions and all the modern advances we have made, even in our world of nearly complete connectedness, everything pales in comparison to the intricate beauty and wonder of our design – even though most everything man has created is modeled after, or mirrors, some facet of the human body’s design. Everything else falls short. Therefore, surely the human body cannot be fixed or restored simply by Pressing RESET because the human body is an extremely complex system of many interwoven systems. A head nod, or a breath of air, cannot reset the way our circuits (our nervous system) work, allowing our bodies to function properly. Or can it?

Yes. Yes it can.

First, let’s look at the word RESET. At it’s root is the word set. To set something is to establish something.

When you were a child, the developmental movement sequence was used to set you, to establish you, as a person of health in strength; in mind and body. You literally breathed, nodded, rolled, rocked, and crawled your way to where you are today. Those simple movements established the foundation for your nervous system as well as the foundation of your movement vocabulary. It established your ‘original strength’.

To press RESET is to re-set, to reestablish, you; your nervous system, your strength, your health. You reestablish your movement vocabulary when you revisit those early simple, developmental movements.

Pressing RESET can be seen as going back to the basics – the basics of movement.

The Big 5 (breathing, head control, rolling, rocking, and crawling) are like the ABC’s of movement. When you have all the letters in place you can write words, then sentences, then paragraphs, then poems or novels.

In other words, when you have a solid foundation, you can build whatever structure you want.

Unfortunately, many of us are not walking around with a solid foundation. We’ve stopped giving our body the movement and time it needs to stay strong from the inside out.

We feel disconnected, a bit fragile, often dealing with aches and pains, and sometimes stressed and tense…. and THAT is our body asking to be RESET.

If this is you, it’s time for you to Press RESET. It’s time for you to MOVE your body and give it some attention in some of the simplest ways. Start breathing, nodding, rolling, rocking and crawling and walking more.

If you are ready to follow a simple 20-25 minute long routine to help you UNLOCK your body and improve the health of your nervous system, through pressing reset on your body. Click here for more info.

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