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Do you meditate?

If not, it might be something you want to at least consider.

Before you walk away, hear me out.

You may have some reservations about it, I understand. I was once warned of itís ‘dangers’ many moons ago, but as it turns out, those warnings were a bit misguided. I think the word ‘meditation’ makes some people feel uneasy. I think some of this unease is actually because thereís a chance many may not really know what meditation is, so one may not know they need it.

You may think it is something only religious people do, or something only certain religious people do. I suppose there is also a chance you do know what it is and youíve even tried it. Maybe it works for you, maybe it has never worked for you. But still, you should probably practice meditation. Let me tell you why.

First, what the heck is meditation?

Itís awareness and thatís about it. Only itís more than that. It is a mindful awareness, an intent stillness of relaxed attention.

An awareness of what?

Well, of you really. Itís an awareness of who you really are, the deeper you that lives beneath the roles you play in the day to day world. The true you, the perfect you, the you that you may not actually be familiar with, the you in your deepest dreams.

Meditation is a route to discover and become aware of your true self, the peaceful, calm, loving, joyful, wise, energetic you. Yes, meditation can be a spiritual practice, but donít let this disturb you. What could be more beautiful than discovering the true spirit and nature of who you really are?

What will self awareness do for me?

It could rescue you from the noise of the world with all its fears, lies, stresses and anxieties. It could help you mitigate stress and learn to discern how to take proper action in the world that wants to throw everything at you. It could help you learn that your happiness is yours to have, from within yourself, that you are not dependent on the events of the world to be happy. Self awareness could be the one thing that could offer you true freedom to live your best life.

How do you meditate?

For some this is found through stillness, for some it is found through focus, for others it is found through isolation from distraction, and there are some who can meditate through the flow of movement. I donít know the best way for you to meditate, so Iíll offer a few ways for you to experience so you can discover what works best for you.

Here are the rules:
  • Be intent to connect with yourself, your true self.
  • Go into your prayer closet. This simply means, get rid of outside distractions. You may need to go into a quite room to be alone. You must LEAVE your phone, your smart watch, or any other tether to social distraction. Intent means youíre serious about finding you and leaving all the tethers behind.
  • Give yourself at least 10 minutes.
  • Donít grade yourself. Itís never pass / fail. You win every time. No matter what.
  • Be still and know.


Option 1:

Get in the comfortable position of your choice, close your eyes, and experience your breath. Experience it. Feel it. Focus on it. Where does it go? How does it feel? How does it sound? What is itís quality? Watch it – that is to mean, be AWARE of it. Hold that awareness.

If your thoughts wander and you catch them wandering, great! Bring them back to your breath. If you are aware enough to catch your thoughts when they wander, youíre nailing it! Just keep coming back to your breath and learn from it. Experience it, know it. Leave the world behind…


Option 2:

Get in a comfortable position and focus on one word, or one sentence, that brings you joy. It may be ďlove,Ē ďtruth,Ē ďhope.Ē Or, it may be ďI am strong,Ē ďI am enough,Ē ďI am loved,Ē or whatever. Just keep saying, seeing, and hearing that word or phrase over and over and donít let it go.

If your thoughts wander and you catch them, awesome! Just bring them back to your word or phrase. It may help to use your breath as your timing mechanism to say, hear, or think your word.

Catch and Release.

Option 3:

Get in a quiet place, in a comfortable position, and simply watch your thoughts – without judging them. If you have a thought, acknowledge it but let it go. Donít hold on to it. Simply allow it to pass without judgment or commentary. Just allow your thoughts to come and go. If none come, awesome! If all they do is come one after another, awesome! Just let them all go and be.

Find Your Flow.

Option 4:

This is the ‘crazy’ option. But, itís crazy enough to work. Do something that puts you in a zone. The zone itself is a state of flow. Flow is really meditation. In Flow, there is not thought, no charade, no lies, no fears, There is only you allowing life to dance through you, as you. So, what puts you in your zone? Is it running, hiking, swimming, walking? Is it dancing? Is it painting, drawing, or sculpting? Is it singing, humming, or swinging on the front porch?

When you are in your flow, you are without thought or care. You are just being. You are free. You are pure. You are…



Anyway, meditation may not be what you think it is.

Itía a path to knowing yourself, your true self, your powerful self. There are many ways to meditate. Iíve only mentioned 4. The important thing is to be deliberate, be intent, and set aside time to quiet out the world with all its noise.

The treasure is worth the journey. And, the journey is the treasure.

Meditate. Discover your true self.


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