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For over 2 months I’ve been stuck in either a cast or a boot after I tore my achilles playing rec league softball with our OS Institute team here in North Carolina.

North Carolina summer in a cast/boot, and on crutches/scooters with young kids and an active lifestyle has been less than fun BUT today I got permission to get out of the boot and I feel FREE!

As my physical therapist was working on moving my foot around and showing me some things to work on I just kept thinking about how good it just felt to be able to move it again.

That got me thinking of how many other people out there are dealing with aches and pains and discomfort because they aren’t moving their bodies enough.

So many of us are scared or nervous to get into working out or exercising, or waiting for this perfect moment ‘when we’re more in shape’ that we miss the big picture.


** And before anyone writes to me and says that’s not always true, yes yes, I know you can get injured from activity/moving but for the sake of this point and the majority of people, let’s just stick with this **

Our bodies were designed to be moving, productive, and resilient for a lifetime yet so often we only allow our bodies to be moving for minimal amounts of our day.

So that being said, if you’ve been feeling achey, sore, or disconnected, try moving!

I’ve got a perfect session for you to follow along with too! It’s full of Original Strength RESETs and set up in a way that you can not only help improve mobility, decrease stress, and feel good while doing it, but also gain strength and build your inner core unit!

Here is a direct link to the session >

I bet after you do this you will feel good and get a taste of that feeling of living life unlocked – which is how I’m feeling now since I just got this

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