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Unlock Your Body Inspired Workout

1A) Belly Breathe on knees and forearms x 1 min


2A) Head Nods on forearms and knees x 30 seconds

2B) Head Rotations on forearms and knees x 30 seconds


3A) Lower Body Rolls x 1 minute

3B) Upper Body Rolls x 1 minute


4A) Dead Bugs x 20

4B) Rocking Chairs x 10 (hug knees and rock forward and back)

Repeat for 5 minutes


5A) Rock on hands and knees experimenting with different foot positions (on toes, on laces, heels touching...etc)

5B) Cross Crawl to Bird Dog (on hands and knees) x 20 (touch opposite hand and knee, then extend to bird dog)

Repeat for 5 minutes


6A) Forward Crawl on hands and knees x 7 minutes of work


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