MED KB Chain Coaching Program

Sustainable and Effective Fitness

Join World Famous Kettlebell Instructor John Parker for his 3 month, minimalist double kettlebell program geared towards helping you care for your body (especially all of you that are feeling the burnout or dealing with constant injury and exhaustion) and build strength and power. 

Utilizing 2 kettlebells you’ll follow the program 2x a week which will utilize both a grind and a ballistic focused kettlebell chain.

This includes:

  • The fully loaded digital instruction manual, complete with video demonstrations, detailed photos, and step-by-step instructions for each technique.
  • Personal attention and insights from Parker himself
  • A group of like-minded peers to help cheer you on, keep you accountable, and to share your successes with

Max Strength and Power Gains in less time, leaving you feeling better than ever.

MED Kettlebell Chains exemplifies the concept of an inch deep, a mile wide.  The athlete can expect improved muscle mass, bone density, and targeted fat loss during this program. Since the primary movements athletes train require hinging, squatting, pushing, and pulling, MEDKC utilizes double kettlebell chains that honor these foundational movements. Targeted kettlebell chains allow the athlete to achieve these patterns within a single sequence of movements. The result is robust fitness without compromise.

In this program you will discover

  • Why double kettlebells are like an amplifier for your strength – and how to use their ‘awkward’ shape as a power tool to chisel away weakness and replace it with exciting new levels of strength
  • The 2×2 method – two innovate sequences of kettlebell lifts done twice a week – for maximum performance enhancement in minimum time
  • Wait! Before you add weight, do you know the two variables you MUST improve to avoid floundering and flailing instead of prospering and prevailing? John reveals this on page 3
  • Why you should ignore the ‘siren song’ of too much variety – and stick with the fundamentals, drilled to perfection
  • How a shock result on a hormone test led John to the revelation that his “go hard or go home” approach was not only not working, but DAMAGING him – and how he managed to get greater results…by doing 80% less work!
  • Double bells + half the time = in, out, and strong in less time than you thought possible
  • The ugly truth that most of the fitness industry desperately tries to avoid: that garden-variety “hard work” loses any day of the week to *this* (page 8)
  • How to use your phone camera to decisively increase your double kettlebell strength (page 9)
  • The ‘Core 4’ areas of the body to mobilize before you even grab your bells – and how doing so
  • Stuck hips keeping your squats sky-high rather than low and strong? This innovative hip opener sequence can help you squat rock bottom, while simultaneously protecting your back (page 41)
  • The little known – yet highly effective – RPE scale: what it is, and how to use it to snag greater gains
  • A simple, streamlined program with clear, easy-to-apply instructions – perfect for the aging athlete
  • Not sure what size kettlebells to use? This handy chart will show you (page 10)
  • 6 never-fail conditions to inject into your training to keep you safe (page 10)
  • The ‘Fab 5’ double kettlebell lifts – and how conquer them all in record time with a lively blend of ‘drills and skills’ that demystify, defang, and declutter your technique (pages 12-49)
  • An ingenious ‘2-step’ drill to eliminate one of the #1 issues most kettlebell enthusiasts have when it comes to double kettlebell drills: the Set Up. Fix this and you can potentially prevent persistent frustration and false starts
  • World class strength coach and Original Strength fanatic Dan John has pointed out that the kettlebell clean is one of the easiest movements to learn, but the hardest to master. John shows you how to slash your learning curve in half on this move with a little-practiced double kettlebell drill (hint: it’s NOT the swing!) (page 21)
  • A sneaky trick that has been used by Special Forces Operators to fire up their back muscles in their kettlebell military presses (in some cases even radically increasing their pullup strength in the process). John shows you how to utilize this little-known tactic on page 27
  • Low back killing you when you do double military presses? John shows you a low tech drill to fix that – with the help of a broom handle or dowel (page 31)
  • A dynamic, no-fluff blend of the OS RESETS you know and love paired with some high-yield mobility drills from the world of StrongFirst (page 46-49)


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