Brain Health Webinar 2022

Thanks for joining our
Brain Health Webinar!

Whether you joined us live or are back for the recording, we hope you are able to learn some new things about how you can start caring for your body (or helping a loved one) to help keep your brain as healthy as possible. 

  • About one-third of Alzheimer’s disease cases are preventable! 
  • 7 Things That Raise Your Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s or Dementia
    1. Diabetes     
    2. Decline in Cognitive Activity
    3. Unhealthy Weight
    4. High blood pressure
    5. Smoking
    6. Depression
    7. Too little exercise: Not enough physical activity is the #1 preventable factor that contributes to Alzheimer’s cases! 


  • 7 Simple Hacks to Nurture Your Brain & Keep it Healthy For Life
    1. Move more
    2. Rest up
    3. Eat well 
    4. Limit alcohol
    5. Stay socially connected
    6. Exercise your brain
    7. Manage your stress
  • Press Reset on Your Body and Your Brain with Original Strength: Some simple resets and exercises that improve and protect brain health
    • Strengthen your grip
    • Breathe diaphragmatically
    • Move your eyes
    • Cross crawl
    • Go for a brisk walk or march in place
  • How much exercise is needed to protect your brain?


“First, good news: you don’t have to become a triathlete to get these effects. The rule of thumb is you want to get three to four times a week exercise minimum 30 minutes an exercise session, and you want to get aerobic exercise in. That is, get your heart rate up. And the good news is, you don’t have to go to the gym to get a very expensive gym membership. Add an extra walk around the block in your power walk. You see stairs — take stairs. And power-vacuuming can be as good as the aerobics class that you were going to take at the gym.” – Dr. Wendy Suzuki