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The How and Why – On Checking In With Yourself

Hey guys, Coach Jamey here! I you have taken one of my Reset and Restore classes before at OS Institute or tried out one of my Reset and Restore videos in the video library, you know that I talk a lot about checking in with yourself. Today I want to dive a little deeper into why I ask you to do that and how to check in with yourself if you are new to this concept.


When starting a RESET session I feel that it is important to create a starting point. This is a base understanding of how you are feeling in the present moment. Below I will take you through how to create this starting point.


Start Here

Start out in the crocodile breathing position ( face down on the ground with your forehead on your hands). Start taking deep breathes, pull air down into your belly. As you are breathing in, in your mind say the word inhale. As you breathe out, say the word exhale. Literally say the words in your head as you are breathing. This will help you bring your attention into your body.† As you get a couple of breaths in, you will start to notice where your breath goes. Ask yourself,† can I feel my lower back push away from the ground? Can I feel my breath expanding into your sides? These questions will aid in laying the ground work for your starting point.††


As you continue breathing, start to ask yourself, how do my hips feel? Are they sore? Is there tension? Does one side feel better than the other? Try your best not to judge these feeling as good or bad. Instead view these feelings as information that you are taking notes on. These notes are important to help create your starting point.


Continue breathing, move your attention to your lower back. Ask yourself, how does my back feel? Am I sore? Is there tension? Does my back feel good? Does my back feel loose? Again, we are just looking for information, not judgements. As you answer these question you will start to get an understanding of where your body is at right now, in this moment.†


Continue this process outlined above anywhere in your body you feel is necessary. I personally like to set my starting point by bringing my attention to my hips, back, shoulders, and neck. You could bring your attention anywhere in your body.† Start by only choosing a couple points, this will allow you to dive deeper into those points.†


And, yes! We are still breathing while doing all of that!!


How long does this take?

This creating of a starting point does not have to take a long time. At the beginning you could set a timer for 3 minutes. Use that time to check in with different points in your body that need attention. Mentally take your attention to these spots, jot down some mental notes and move into your reset session.†


These mental notes that you are taking are your starting point. Your starting point is how you feel right now before you begin your resets. This is a huge step. Do not underestimate this step! This allows you to get some general information about how your body is feeling, so that you are able to notice how this changes as you move through your reset session. I encourage you to check back in with your starting point throughout your session!

If you are following† along with a Reset and Restore session then I have check in points already built into the class. If you are going rogue (which I highly recommend), check in with your starting point after each of the main resets. For example, once you have created your starting point while breathing, move onto head control. Once you get your fill of head control, go back to breathing. Scan back through your body, paying extra attention to the points you used to create your starting point. This will allow you to feel how the resets affect your body.


As you continue your reset session, check back in after each main group of resets. When you are done with your session, spend a couple minutes breathing. Mentally scan through your body and compare how you feel now, to your starting point. Ask yourself the same questions as before. How to I feel? Am I sore? Do I feel more loose? More calm?

Why should I try this?

At this point you may be asking yourself, why would I do this anyway? I already do resets, isnít that enough?


Well, yes it is! But this is a way to take your resets to the next level!† And in my opinion this allows you to take your resets to a deeper level!


Creating a starting point, or a check in spot,† allows you to become aware of your body.† You are building your mind body connection by using your mental attention to explore your physical body. Which is super cool! Simply by doing this you are becoming more present, which helps you become more calm and less stressed.

The big take away from checking in with yourself is being able to notice how simple movements can change the way you feel. To me this is everything! As you continue to check in throughout your reset session, you should be noticing how your body is reacting to the resets. The more and more you tap into that awareness, the more empowered you will become. By noticing that you can have a profound impact on how you feel is an amazing step toward self reliance. This means that we are designed to be able to help ourselves heal and feel better.


Adding checking in to your reset session is a short cut to help ease pain, open up restrictions, calm your mind and destress your body!


I need some help getting started

A really helpful way to start is by following along with a Reset and Restore class. You can find one in the OSi Online Video Library (which comes with our base membership), broken into three parts. This allows you to do just 15 minutes or stay through all three and complete 45 minutes of resets!!


If you want to dive a little more into pressing reset and checking in with yourself with the guided help of our fabulous team, join our online community by clicking here!


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