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Here are your 2 workouts for the week. Alternate between Workout A and Workout B, make sure you give yourself at least 1 rest day in the week. Also remember to take 5-10 minutes before to do some Resets.


-Lego Squat to Cross Crawl and Rocking Push Up Mountain x 7 Minutes

-Frog Rolls x 3 Minutes

-Alternate Between Half Kneeling Press x 10 Each Arm And Speed Skaters x 20 For 6 Minutes

-Walking Lunges x 5 Each Leg, Cross Crawl Back, Then Do 3 Get Ups Without Using Your Arms, Repeat For 8 Minutes 


-Lift And Catch x 10 Then Carry x 50ft, Repeat For 7 Minutes

-Baby Hold For 3 Minutes

-Band Rows x 10 Each Arm, Face Pulls x 10, Rotations x 10 Each Side, Repeat For 8 Minutes
(If You Do Not Have Band Do 10 KB Or DB Rows On Each Arm And Then Do 10 Dead Bugs For 8 Minutes)

-Crawl For 30ft Then Do Walking Single Leg Deadlifts Back To Where You Started, Repeat For 6 Minutes

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