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Coach John Odden

Original Strength Pro and former banged-up athlete John Odden has put together his “pirate map” for how to get to the buried treasure of timeless athleticism with his  Crash Proof  and SuperPowered Courses designed to help you methodically and carefully reclaim the natural, buoyant movement of your youth and then continue to level up with explosiveness and pure power. 

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Most frequent questions and answers

This program is a 6 week, on demand program. This means you can start as soon as you’ve purchased the program (unless you’ve bought the program before the official launch period).  You’ll have lifelong access to the program to do on your own time. 

This program is best for individuals that have already completed the CrashProof Course and have a general level of foundational strength and experience developed.  While this course isn’t meant to be advanced, it’s probably not a course that is ideal for a beginner with no training experience.  

  1. 1 kettlebell at approx 25% of your bodyweight (2 is really better)
  2. Approximately 40 ft x 20 ft of open space on soft ground (grass, turf or gym stall mats work well)
  3. 1 Med Ball 5-20lbs (slam balls are most useful and can be found at a lower cost)
  4. Tennis ball or bouncy ball
  5. Backpack (any pack can work)
  6. Sandbag/Odd object
  7. Something you can use as a timer.
  8. 20+ ft tape measure for the testing and progress checks on your med ball throwing distances.

Coach John and Team OSI will be resource to you as you move through this program at your own pace.  If you have questions regarding the program or a need to modify or if you have any sort of technical difficulty, you can email, message or reach out through our online chat and we will be happy to assist. 

We recommend completing the 4 week CrashProof program that will help lead very smoothly into this.  We offer a package deal for CrashProof and SuperPowered which gives you a solid 10-12 week training program between the two. 

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Join Coach John Odden once again as you level up your game with athletic explosive power in this 6 week training program.You'll dedicate 3 days a week to focusing on the 6 Pillars that will not only make you stronger and more powerful, but also crash proof. 
Ready to get SuperPowered?