(re)Discover Your Positive High!


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  • What is the program? 
    • This is a Habit-Based Program where we will help Parents nourish themselves so that they can enjoy their Positive High with their Children. We will help them with not only movement but also nutrition and restoration (sleep, recovery & stress resilience). 
    • We’ll also help them along the way to connect with their children to create Movement Memories that will last a lifetime 🙂

  • Brief introduction of yourself
    • Aloha! I’m Sergio Jaimes-Vigaray, you can just call me Serge!
    • I’m the owner and founder of The Positive High System and I LOVE helping loving, passionate and growth-minded people, ESPECIALLY Parents, (re)Discover their Positive High so that they can do what they want with those that love with the utmost Mental & Physical Self-Confidence. I’ve been through many stages and seasons in my personal Health, Fitness & Wellness Journey but once my son was born in 2014 that’s when I really took my own well-being even more seriously. I began to see everything from a more holistic stand-point and realized there was a way to enjoy and create your own Health, Fitness & Wellness Lifestyle on your terms by tapping into your own unique “Positive High”. And paired this with Original Strength and our Movement Teaching & Philosophy I’ve never felt better! 
    • Being born and raised in Hawai’i I lived an active lifestyle filled with joy & aloha and once I had my own children I knew I wanted to continue to share these “vibes” with them for many years to come.

  • Why you created the program
    • This program was created because as I going through my own parenting journey with my son I found that there weren’t many programs out there where they had the parents in mind. Being a parent is tough, we wear so many hats and we have so much on our plate; we have work, our kids, our partner, our social life, and ourselves to nourish & care for. And some programs don’t really take into consideration what we’re going through. So I wanted to create a Habit-Based Program where we can lay a strong foundation down so we can feel, look and be our best Mentally & Physically. 
    • I created this foundation so that Parents have something to not only get them started on their Health, Fitness & Wellness journey but to also progress and sustain whatever progress they achieve. From here Parents will have the self-confidence & self-assurance to go whichever path they wish.

  • Who should do it and why?
    • This program is for Parents for especially for Parents who have children between the ages of 2-10 years ago. If you have newborns and older children you can totally benefit from this! 
    • During these 6-weeks you will not only lay down strong foundational lifestyle habits but you will also begin to feel, think and be at your best & strongest. And the best part? You’ll be creating some awesome memories with your Family!

  • Who is the target audience
    • Parents 25-45 with children between the ages of 2-10.
  • What is the duration of the program and expected commitment? 
    • Duration of the program is 6-weeks.