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Next Level Live Membership

$79.00 / month

This OSi Online Next Level Live Coaching Membership allows us to beam world-class instructors directly into your living room:

✅weekly LIVE virtual sessions

✅access to rotating 6 week live progressive coaching courses

✅a solid community of awesome humans from all over the world

✅a solid (and growing) video library filled with workouts and programs

✅a daily 10 minute movement plan sent straight to your inbox each day

✅a 6 week starter program for those looking for a do-this strength training plan

Plus our team of coaches is there to help you troubleshoot and stay motivated!  For just $79  a month you'll get the movement hook up that'll get you feeling better and moving better in no time and all of the support, direction and accountability that has been missing from most other online training memberships.



You need little to no equipment and can start NOW no matter where you're starting from.  We'll help you start where you are and use what have.
Video Library Access
Starter 6 Wk Strength Training Plan
Daily Movement Mediation
Weekly Emails
Member-Only FB Group
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