Private Training

Private Training Program

Regardless of where you are located or at what point you are starting at, our custom coaching program will meet you where YOU are at. We’ll use what you have and help you return to your Original Strength so you can live your best life.

Our Custom Coaching program is an exclusive training program that is completely designed to fit your needs and environment. So.. how does it work?

Step 1: Apply for Custom Coaching
Step 2: Once approved, submit video assessment
Step 3: Coaching Call to Review Assessment and Set Direction
Step 4: Program Begins
Step 5: Each week report in on program
Step 6: Coach will progress program as needed

Frequently Asked Questions

3 month minimum commitment (paid monthly) then after 3 months, program continues forward on a month to month basis. Client can let coach know or cancel coaching online.

Anyone looking for a personal trainer or movement coach to help them feel better, move better, and accomplish more. All ages, fitness levels, goals, and ability welcome. We’ve trained everyone from high level athletes looking unlock their potential, to new moms, traveling executives, and 80 year old grandma’s looking to just move better and feel better.

The cost is just $449 per month.

We are big fans of keeping it pretty simple and using what you have access to. We focus on the 6 human movements (push, pull, hinge, squat, carry, get up) and build a strong foundation around these and Original Strength Resets.
You will not see us programming highly technical movements or anything with that requires a high level of skill or provides a high risk of injury.

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