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Navigating Unchartered Waters

Oh, hi there, I’m Coach Laura from OSi and like many people around the world right now, Iím at home.

My entire family has been home, roughly, for almost 7 weeks. Iíve cooked a zillion meals, done more dishes than I want to think about, and plenty of other repetitive tasks I donít exactly enjoy but make my household run (as every mom nods along with me). Needless to say, any routine I previously had has completely vanished.

I have, or should I say that I had, a pretty predictable training schedule. Years ago I learned that this was the only way I could stay consistent because, honestly, I can talk myself out of just about anything. I take a class Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the studio and outside of that, I just try to stay moving.† It works for me. However, with OS Institute closing our doors in mid March, Iíve had many training highs and lows – most taking place right outside my front door, smack dab in the middle of my driveway. Iíve had good days where Iíve gotten a comparable workout in or done an online program, others where I knocked out sets of pushups or squats in between other life stuff and many, many others where I accomplished essentially nothing resembling a ďworkoutĒ. Listening to my body has almost never been more crucial than now.


With less sleep than normal and other stressors surrounding me, I’ve been focusing on staying active in other ways that are enjoyable to me. Iíve been trail running and hiking many miles dwarfed by trees and walking circles in my neighborhood with a weight vest on. Iíve been scootering like a sweaty mad woman in an inflatable pink flamingo costume and Iíve had a few knock-down, drag-out jump rope competitions in the evening sun (pretty sure I’ve lost them all). The only thing I can count on is that being outdoors has been the central theme and motivator for all of my recent physical activity.


I have also been privileged in that I have been able to focus on just being engaged with my kids, making some memories and enjoying other activities like gardening, baking new recipes and doing drawing tutorials. Slowing down and focusing on the people inside my four walls has been a gift. My training hasnít been the schedule or routine that dictates my week like it used to.


Things are changing. Tilting again.

At some point, routines will kick back in and schedules will return. Will you weigh more than you did pre-pandemic? Will you have lost some of your muscle mass or strength gains youíd worked for? Will things be challenging, again, and take more mental fortitude, again, to get through it? Will it feel like starting over and youíll need some extra rest days mixed in between training days? Will your Quaran-quads cry at kettlebell goblet squats like mine did just the other day? MAYBE. Maybe yes to every single one of those things. And thatís all OK. I promise you – none of those things are the most interesting, defining or important things about you. You wonít be alone with any of this either.


Until then, I hope you keep moving in ways that fill your cup and soothe your soul. Solo or socially distant with friends, with or without a costume, indoor or outdoors – just do what you can and know that it all adds up. Nothing in life is black and white and everything is better than nothing. And some days, nothing is OK too if thatís what you body craves.


Remember that this is just a season. And in the grand scheme of things, a short season.

Sure, itís not summer with itís pina coladas, suntans and trips to the beach. But it IS going to get us all back to hugs, high fives, happy smiling faces and some hard work. You got started back once and you can do it again – surrounded by friends and the OSi family and coaches that have been there cheering us all on during this entire time.

Life is full of seasons. And you know what seasons bring? Change, challenges and opportunities for growth. In both mind, muscles and so much more.

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